Earth Hour 2019

My message on Earth Hour 2019: Please remember that it is only symbolic!

We have celebrated the annual Earth Hour in the last decade and we have achieved tremendous advances in both actual emission savings and adherents to the cause, but the future is still very daunting.

One hour of switching off our lights in a year is just a little over 1% of the other 8,765 hours during the rest of the year we may have not switched them off.

Never should we believe that by switching our lights off for 60 minutes, we have done our share in preventing #climatechange.

The essence of Earth Hour is the change in ourselves – in our ways, perspective, beliefs, habits, ways and outlook in life, and how we live. It is the inner realization that what we do or not do, or how we do it, in the next hour would affect the entire future of the earth and of all humanity. not just one hour. but every hour thereafter, including the hours we sleep. it includes all aspects of life and living, not just of lights, nor them turning off, but all aspects of human activities, especially those that we do during the course of the day – what we eat, what we use, how we move, how we travel, – everything. And it includes how we inter-relate with others, especially on how we get the message across, that we are in this together; that the hope of the earth, and of mankind, depends in all of us, in each and everyone of us.

And so as we leave Earth Hour 2019 behind, please remember it is only symbolic. The real Earth Hour continues, this minute, and the next, and the next, till the full of the next hour, and the next day, year and years, and centuries to come.

Count every hour as Earth Hour!

(note: this is a reprint of my same message on Earth Hour 2017)

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